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The Thyme BankChinese Rhubarb - click for larger image

Probably the garden's most famous feature and a rich tapestry of colours in June and July. First established in 1987, this raised bank displays part of the National Thyme Collection and gives the plants the good drainage and full sun conditions they require. The bright foliage of the gold and silver variegated thymes and the pink, purple, and white flowers make this a colourful display. As you brush past the thymes you will find that some smell of caraway, pine resin, or lemon, some are pungent whilst others are sweet smelling.

Further along you can see the Knot Garden.

Returning to the garden the West Wall Border and Gold and Silver Borders await you before you arrive at the Pool Garden…

Take a tour round the garden

and discover the Herb Bed, Roman Garden, Thyme Bank, Pool Garden, and Greenhouse. Knot Garden, and see the various themed borders such as Long Border, West Wall Border, and the Herbaceous Borders.

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