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Chesters Walled Garden

A peaceful haven on the Roman Frontier


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Chesters Walled Garden is a 2-acre 18th Century garden, surrounded on three sides by sheltering woods of beech and yew, and open to the south with views over the lovely Tyne valley. Situated next to Chesters Roman Fort, it is on the line of Hadrian's Wall - the site of a Roman road actually crosses the garden. For over 200 years the fruit and vegetable garden for Chesters house, it has now been laid out as a unique herb and herbaceous garden. It boasts one of the largest collections of herbs in the country growing ebulliently behind neatly clipped box hedges. There are wide gravel paths, espalier apple trees that are over a hundred years old, long vistas, and secret corners where one can sit and dream. The National Thyme Collection, which grows on a 30-metre long raised bank, is at its peak in June and July when it resembles a Persian carpet of glowing colours and is alive with honey bees. A Mediterranean border of rosemaries, sages and other highly scented herbs growing in gravel also houses the National Collection of Marjoram. There are two pools, one with a fountain, the other of still water and reflections.

The Roman garden displays those herbs the Romans grew in Britain, culinary, medicinal, and sacred plants laid out in a small formal beds. Roses are planted in abundance in the walled garden. Some 100 varieties of old and species roses planted for their aroma, reach their height in July. Extensive herbaceous borders of unusual plants, double and variegated forms of cottage garden favourites, planted in a very English style. There is a medieval 'knot garden' of box planted to a design of 1617. Red squirrels can be seen in the surrounding woodland.

The nursery has a wide selection of plants; an extensive collection of herbs to choose from, wildflowers, old fashioned roses from David Austin, herbaceous plants and grasses. Many of the plants can be seen growing in the garden so you can see how they look when mature. There is a shop selling locally made products; honey from Northumberland, terracotta pots made in Hexham, candles, windchimes, jams and chutneys, books and postcards.

We do not issue a catalogue and we do not do mail order.

We are sorry but the garden is now closed. I'd like to thank everyone who came and enjoyed it over the last 23 years - Susie White

Susie White is available for garden talks (listed in the RHS Speakers Guide) please phone 0794077595 for details and topics

chesters walled garden from christo on Vimeo.